'A fabulous piece of Music Theatre' - Kate Edgar

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By A C H Smith and David Lyon

Taking a temporary job with a team of bridge painters, philosophy student Albert Carter imagines he has found his true vocation – but faces an agonising dilemma. Should he follow his heart, marry his true love Julie, and embark on a life of blissful, contemplative routine painting 'his' roadbridge? Or should he give in to family pressure, marry his long-suffering fiancée Sophie, and settle for a life of dull, secure conformity in his father's paint business? Whichever he decides, 1192B17 pitch epoxy is destined to play a crucial role…..

Tom Stoppard's hilarious radio play won the Prix Italia in 1969. In collaboration with playwright ACH Smith, he later adapted it for the stage, introducing new characters and splitting the action into two parallel scenarios. Smith and composer David Lyon have used this version as the basis for their new musical.

Premiered in 1999 by the Shaftesbury Community Theatre, it was enthusiastically received by local audiences and press alike.

'A fabulous piece of Music Theatre….bridging the link between musicals and opera in a way that is intelligent, witty and thought-provoking…[the] music is beautiful and original. It really deserves to reach a wider audience'
Kate Edgar (composer/arranger/director)

'Some exceptionally clever music, strong tunes, crammed full of imaginative ideas'.
Blackmore Vale Magazine

Pot of red paint with paintbrush

'Funny and touching…a fine attempt at a difficult project'
Western Gazette